Mobile Phone Overheating And Battery Draining So Fast Solution

When Does the Mobile Phone Overheat?

Little heating is normal with any phone or tablet (both Android and Apple iPhone). There is nothing serious to worry about. But overheating of a mobile phone and battery draining fast is a serious problem and needs immediate attention before the phone gets dead.

A phone may suffer overheating under the following situations:

  • Phone overheating while playing games
  • Phone heating up while charging
  • Sometimes phone overheats and won’t turn on

Mobile Phone Overheating and Battery Draining Fast – Problem and Solution.

If you charge your phone up to 90% or 100% and the phone gets hot without you doing any heavy task then the following could be the REAL problem. These solutions apply to any brand including Samsung, Nokia, LG, iPhone, Micromax, Motorola, Xiaomi (Mi), Oppo, Lenovo, ZTE, China mobile phones, etc :

  1. There is half-shorting in the PCB of the phone. Half-shorting means that some supporting Small components, generally near the battery connector, has become faulty/short. These small electronic components are generally SMD capacitor but it can also be an SMD diode or SMD resistor. To fix the problem, you have to remove the faulty component. If it is a capacitor then it is NOT compulsory to replace it with a new one. But if it is a resistor or a diode, then it must be removed and replaced with a new component.
  2. If the phone overheats and won’t Turn ON, then there is a full short in the PCB of the phone. Full Shorting means that some major IC  has become faulty and needs repairing or replacement.

Phone Heating Up While Charging

In such cases either the battery (If removable) is lose, there is a fault with the battery or the battery connector needs to be replaced.

Phone Overheating While Playing Games

This generally means that the hardware of your phone is not able to handle the load of the game. The processor and other major ICs of your phone are not suitable for the game. You need a smartphone of better hardware configuration and probably the latest OS.

If Phone Just Heating and NOT Overheating and Battery oNt Draining Fast

If your Android Smartphone or iPhone is just heating and NOT overheating and battery not draining fast then all you need to do is:

  • Reset the phone
  • Update / Flash the OS


How Can We Help?

If your phone or tablet is overheating, it is always recommended to visit a professional repair shop in order to have your device inspected by a board technician just to make sure that the issue is not a major one.

From our experience, 80% of overheating issues are due to faulty batteries and battery connectors,  10% are due to board shortages within the battery IC and 10% are affected by bugs within the current operating system (OS) which needs to be formatted and or updated to the latest firmware.

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