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Common Repairs and Services

Cracked Screen

Pulptech’s iPhone cracked screen replacement services are both fast and affordable and most repairs can be completed within one business day.

No Signal

Weak signal or no signal on your iPhone could occur from a variety of issues including water damage, SIM card damage, or outdated software.

Water Damage

We perform a professional diagnostic to determine the extent of the damage, clean out the device, flush out any debris and test accordingly.

Broken Buttons

If buttons on your iPhone are malfunctioning or broken, count on the technicians of Pulptech for professional repair services.

Speaker Not Working

If your iPhone speaker is muffled, distorted, or simply producing no sound at all, trust the experts at Pulptech to solve all of your iPhone audio issues.

Dead Battery

Pulptech performs professional iPhone battery replacements so that your iPhone can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

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Based on 777 reviews
prashant basnet
prashant basnet
Good service and customer support.
Marina Poteryayeva
Marina Poteryayeva
Great service! I have changed the screen for iPhone XS. Everything is well done and the phone works perfect! I really appreciate your delivery service due to C*rona issue:-)
Marvin Gauci
Marvin Gauci
Great service and efficient. Fixed my screen in 30 minutes.
Joseph Bartolo
Joseph Bartolo
Thank you for your interest,and your excellent service.I am satisfied with the service I was given. Thank you
Anne-Marie Callus
Anne-Marie Callus
Thanks for sorting out the problems with my iPhone! Your service was efficient and reasonably priced. The staff are very nice too.

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Diagnose and Resolve App Crash Issues

Diagnose and Resolve App Crash Issues on your Android Device: Choose Pulptech Today

Is your Android device experiencing app crashes? Don’t worry, Pulptech is here to help! Diagnose and Resolve App Crash Issues on Your Android Device with Pulptech’s expert technicians. Our team will quickly identify the root cause of the crashes and implement effective solutions to get your apps running smoothly again. Choose Pulptech today and say goodbye to frustrating app crashes!

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Battery Replacement Service

PulpTech Battery Replacement Services for iPhone 14 Pro in Malta

Is your iPhone 14 Pro experiencing battery drain? PulpTech Malta offers fast, reliable, and affordable iPhone battery replacement services in Malta. Get your iPhone back to high performance with our expert technicians! Introduction:  The iPhone 14 Pro is famous for its strong performance and great features, but like any phone, its battery can give trouble. If your iPhone 14 Pro’s

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overheating solutions

Keeping Your Samsung Phone Cool: PulpTech Provides Overheating Solutions

How I Keep My Samsung Phone Cool with PulpTech’s Overheating Solutions? Feeling frustrated with your Samsung phone getting too hot when you’re trying to do some important stuff? You’re not alone. Lots of Samsung users in Malta run into this issue regularly, and it can be really annoying and make your phone act up.   There are a few common reasons

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