Samsung Phone repairs

Unfortunately Smartphones are not shockproof, you drop them and they break, but fortunately for you, we can fix almost all of them.

From cracked screens to water damaged to dying batteries ect., we can help you with your Samsung smartphone repair and have your phone back to you within a few hours. We can give you an online quote right now then all you have to do is send your phone to us and the next thing you know it will be back, all shiny and working like new.

Screen Repairs

Whether you need an old Samsung phone repairing or a brand new Samsung screen replacement, we’re here for you. If your Samsung smartphone screen isn’t displaying things right or isn’t responding or even if it’s cracked, we can fix that for you!


Power Problems

If you can’t charge your Samsung phone or you need a Samsung battery replacement, send your phone to us and we can fix it within a few hours. We can repair a huge variety of Samsung power issues,


Connectivity Issues

There’s a lot of connectivity in phones these days and fortunately, we can fix issues with pretty much all of them. For any Samsung phone connectivity issues,

if you don’t see your phone repair listed here, feel free to call us on 27480728 or you can send us an email and we will reply as soon as possible.


We Specialize on All Samsung phones some of whitch are SAMSUNG SM-A105 A10, Samsung SM-A202 A20e, SAMSUNG SM-A202 A20E, Samsung SM-A205 A20, SAMSUNG SM-A205 A20, Samsung SM-A260 A2, SAMSUNG SM-A260 A2, Samsung SM-A300 Galaxy A3, SAMSUNG SM-A300 GALAXY A3, Samsung SM-A305 A30, SAMSUNG SM-A305 A30, Samsung SM-A310F, SAMSUNG SM-A310F, Samsung SM-A320 Galaxy A3, SAMSUNG SM-A320 GALAXY A3, Samsung SM-A405F A40, SAMSUNG SM-A405F A40, Samsung SM-A500 Galaxy A5, SAMSUNG SM-A500 GALAXY A5, Samsung SM-A505 A50, SAMSUNG SM-A505 A50, Samsung SM-A510F, SAMSUNG SM-A510F, Samsung SM-A520 Galaxy A5, SAMSUNG SM-A520 GALAXY A5, Samsung SM-A530 A8 2018, SAMSUNG SM-A530 A8 2018, Samsung SM-A600 A6 2018, SAMSUNG SM-A600 A6 2018, Samsung SM-A605 A6+, SAMSUNG SM-A605 A6+, Samsung SM-A606F A60, SAMSUNG SM-A606F A60, Samsung SM-A606F A60, SAMSUNG SM-A606F A60, Samsung SM-A700 Galaxy A7, SAMSUNG SM-A700 GALAXY A7, Samsung SM-A705 A70, SAMSUNG SM-A705 A70, Samsung SM-A720 Galaxy A7 2017, SAMSUNG SM-A720 GALAXY A7 2017, Samsung SM-A730F A8+ 2018, SAMSUNG SM-A730F A8+ 2018, Samsung SM-A750 A7 2018, SAMSUNG SM-A750 A7 2018, Samsung SM-A800 Galaxy A8, SAMSUNG SM-A800 GALAXY A8, Samsung SM-A805F A80, SAMSUNG SM-A805F A80, Samsung SM-A810 A8 2016, SAMSUNG SM-A810 A8 2016, Samsung SM-A900 Galaxy A9, SAMSUNG SM-A900 GALAXY A9, Samsung SM-A920 A9 2018, SAMSUNG SM-A920 A9 2018, SAMSUNG SM-E5 GALAXY, Samsung SM-E7, SAMSUNG SM-E7, SAMSUNG SM-G310, Samsung SM-G313F, SAMSUNG SM-G313F, Samsung SM-G313H, SAMSUNG SM-G313H, Samsung SM-G318H, SAMSUNG SM-G318H, Samsung SM-G350, SAMSUNG SM-G350, Samsung SM-G350E, SAMSUNG SM-G350E, Samsung SM-G355, SAMSUNG SM-G355, Samsung SM-G357F, SAMSUNG SM-G357F, Samsung SM-G360, SAMSUNG SM-G360, , amsung SM-G360H, SAMSUNG SM-G360H, Samsung SM-G361F, SAMSUNG SM-G361F, Samsung SM-G3815, SAMSUNG SM-G3815, Samsung SM-G386F, SAMSUNG SM-G386F, Samsung SM-G388 Xcover 3, SAMSUNG SM-G388 XCOVER 3, Samsung SM-G389 XCover 3 VE, SAMSUNG SM-G389 XCOVER 3 VE, Samsung SM-G390F Xcover 4, SAMSUNG SM-G390F XCOVER 4, Samsung SM-G530, SAMSUNG SM-G530, Samsung SM-G531F, SAMSUNG SM-G531F, Samsung SM-G532M J2 Prime, SAMSUNG SM-G532M J2 PRIME, Samsung SM-G570 Galaxy J5 Prime, SAMSUNG SM-G570 GALAXY J5 PRIME, Samsung SM-G610F J7, SAMSUNG SM-G610F J7, Samsung SM-G611 J7 Prime 2018, SAMSUNG SM-G611 J7 PRIME 2018, Samsung SM-G615 J7 Max, SAMSUNG SM-G615 J7 MAX, Samsung SM-G7102, SAMSUNG SM-G7102, Samsung SM-G7105, SAMSUNG SM-G7105, Samsung SM-G7108, SAMSUNG SM-G7108, Samsung SM-G720 Grand Max, SAMSUNG SM-G720 GRAND MAX, Samsung SM-G750, SAMSUNG SM-G750, Samsung SM-G800F S5 Mini, SAMSUNG SM-G800F S5 MINI, Samsung SM-G850F Galaxy Alpha, SAMSUNG SM-G850F GALAXY ALPHA, Samsung SM-G860 S5 Sport, SAMSUNG SM-G860 S5 SPORT, Samsung SM-G870 S5 Active, SAMSUNG SM-G870 S5 ACTIVE, Samsung SM-G890 S6 Active, SAMSUNG SM-G890 S6 ACTIVE, Samsung SM-G900 Galaxy S5, SAMSUNG SM-G900 GALAXY S5, Samsung SM-G903 S5 Neo, SAMSUNG SM-G903 S5 NEO, Samsung SM-G920 Galaxy S6, SAMSUNG SM-G920 GALAXY S6, Samsung SM-G925 S6 Edge, SAMSUNG SM-G, 5 S6 EDGE, Samsung SM-G928F S6 Edge+, SAMSUNG SM-G928F S6 EDGE+, Samsung SM-G930 S7, SAMSUNG SM-G930 S7, Samsung SM-G935 S7 Edge, SAMSUNG SM-G935 S7 EDGE, Samsung SM-G950 S8, SAMSUNG SM-G950 S8, Samsung SM-G955 S8+, SAMSUNG SM-G955 S8+, Samsung SM-G960 S9, SAMSUNG SM-G960 S9, , Samsung SM-G965 S9 Plus, SAMSUNG SM-G965 S9 PLUS, Samsung SM-G970F S10e, SAMSUNG SM-G970F S10E, Samsung SM-G973F S10, SAMSUNG SM-G973F S10, Samsung SM-G975F S10 Plus, SAMSUNG SM-G975F S10 PLUS, Samsung SM-G977 S10 5G, SAMSUNG SM-G977 S10 5GSAMSUNG SM-J100 – J1,Samsung SM-J105 – J1, SAMSUNG SM-J105 – J1, Samsung SM-J106 – J1, SAMSUNG SM-J106 – J1, Samsung SM-J110F – J1, SAMSUNG SM-J110F – J1, Samsung SM-J120F, SAMSUNG SM-J120F, Samsung SM-J200F J2, SAMSUNG SM-J200F J2, Samsung SM-J250 J2 Pro, SAMSUNG SM-J250 J2 PRO, Samsung SM-J320F J3, SAMSUNG SM-J320F J3, Samsung SM-J330FN Galaxy J3 2017, SAMSUNG SM-J330FN GALAXY J3 2017, Samsung SM-J400 J4 2018, SAMSUNG SM-J400 J4 2018, Samsung SM-J415 J4+, SAMSUNG SM-J415 J4+, Samsung SM-J500F J5, SAMSUNG SM-J500F J5, Samsung SM-J510F Dual Sim, SAMSUNG SM-J510F DUAL SIM, Samsung SM-J510FN, SAMSUNG SM-J510FN, Samsung SM-J530 Galaxy J5 2017, SAMSUNG SM-J530 GALAXY J5 2017, Samsung SM-J600 J6 2018, SAMSUNG SM-J600 J6 2018, Samsung SM-J610 J6+, SAMSUNG SM-J610 J6+, Samsung SM-J700 J7, SAMSUNG SM-J700 J7, Samsung SM-J710F, SAMSUNG SM-J710F, Samsung SM-J720 J7 Duo, SAMSUNG SM-J720 J7 DUO, Samsung SM-J730 Galaxy J7 2017, SAMSUNG SM-J730 GALAXY J7 2017, Samsung SM-J810 J8 2018, SAMSUNG SM-J810 J8 2018, Samsung SM-J810 J8 2018, SAMSUNG SM-J810 J8 2018, SAMSUNG SM-205 M20, Samsung SM-M105 M10, SAMSUNG SM-M105 M10SAMSUNG N5100 GALAXY NOTE, Samsung N5110 Galaxy Note, SAMSUNG N5110 GALAXY NOTE, Samsung N7000 I9220 Galaxy Note, SAMSUNG N7000 I9220 GALAXY NOTE, Samsung N7100 Note 2, SAMSUNG N7100 NOTE 2, Samsung N7105 Galaxy Note II, SAMSUNG N7105 GALAXY NOTE II, Samsung N8000 Galaxy Note 3G+WiFi, SAMSUNG N8000 GALAXY NOTE 3G+WIFI, Samsung N8010 Galaxy Note WiFi, SAMSUNG N8010 GALAXY NOTE WIFI, Samsung N8020 Galaxy Note LTE+WiFi, SAMSUNG N8020 GALAXY NOTE LTE+WIFI, Samsung SM-N7505, SAMSUNG SM-N7505, Samsung SM-N9005 Note 3, SAMSUNG SM-N9005 NOTE 3, Samsung SM-N910 Note 4, SAMSUNG SM-N910 NOTE 4, Samsung SM-N915 Note Edge, SAMSUNG SM-N915 NOTE EDGE, Samsung SM-N920 Note 5, SAMSUNG SM-N920 NOTE 5, Samsung SM-N930 Note 7, SAMSUNG SM-N930 NOTE 7, Samsung SM-N950 Note 8, SAMSUNG SM-N950 NOTE 8, Samsung SM-N960F Note 9, SAMSUNG SM-N960F NOTE 9, SAMSUNG P1000 GALAXY TAB, Samsung P3100 Galaxy Tab 2 3G+WiFi, SAMSUNG P3100 GALAXY TAB 2 3G+WIFI, Samsung P3110 Galaxy Tab 2 WiFi, SAMSUNG P3110 GALAXY TAB 2 WIFI, Samsung P5100 Galaxy Tab 2 3G+WiFi, SAMSUNG P5100 GALAXY TAB 2 3G+WIFI, Samsung P5110 Galaxy Tab 2 WiFi, SAMSUNG P5110 GALAXY TAB 2 WIFI, Samsung P5200 Galaxy Tab 3 3G+WiFi, SAMSUNG P5200 GALAXY TAB 3 3G+WIFI, Samsung P5210 Galaxy Tab 3 WiFi, SAMSUNG P5210 GALAXY TAB 3 WIFI, Samsung P5220 Galaxy Tab 3 LTE+WiFi, SAMSUNG P5220 GALAXY TAB 3 LTE+WIFI, Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab, SAMSUNG P6200 GALAXY TAB, Samsung P6800 Galaxy Tab, SAMSUNG P6800 GALAXY TAB, Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab, SAMSUNG P7100 GALAXY TAB, Samsung P7300 Galaxy Tab 3G+WiFi, SAMSUNG P7300 GALAXY TAB 3G+WIFI, Samsung P7310 Galaxy Tab WiFi, SAMSUNG P7310 GALAXY TAB WIFI, Samsung P7320 Galaxy Tab LTE+WiFi, SAMSUNG P7320 GALAXY TAB LTE+WIFI, Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 3G+WiFi, SAMSUNG P7500 GALAXY TAB 3G+WIFI, Samsung P7510 Galaxy Tab WiFi, SAMSUNG P7510 GALAXY TAB WIFI, Samsung P7570 Galaxy Tab, SAMSUNG P7570 GALAXY TAB, Samsung SM-P550N Tab A 9.7, SAMSUNG SM-P550N TAB A 9.7, Samsung SM-P600, SAMSUNG SM-P600 Samsung SM-P605, SAMSUNG SM-P605, Samsung SM-P900, SAMSUNG SM-P900, Samsung SM-P905SAMSUNG SM-R350, Samsung SM-R360 Gear Fit 2, SAMSUNG SM-R360 GEAR FIT 2, Samsung SM-R380, SAMSUNG SM-R380, Samsung SM-R720, SAMSUNG SM-R720, Samsung SM-R732, SAMSUNG SM-R732, Samsung SM-R750, SAMSUNG SM-R750, SAMSUNG SM-P905SAMSUNG SM-T110, Samsung SM-T111, SAMSUNG SM-T111, Samsung SM-T113, SAMSUNG SM-T113, Samsung SM-T116, SAMSUNG SM-T116, Samsung SM-T210, SAMSUNG SM-T210, Samsung SM-T211, SAMSUNG SM-T211, Samsung SM-T230, SAMSUNG SM-T230, Samsung SM-T231, SAMSUNG SM-T231, , amsung SM-T235, SAMSUNG SM-T235, Samsung SM-T280, SAMSUNG SM-T280, Samsung SM-T285, SAMSUNG SM-T285, Samsung SM-T310, SAMSUNG SM-T310, Samsung SM-T311, SAMSUNG SM-T311, Samsung SM-T320, SAMSUNG SM-T320, Samsung SM-T325, SAMSUNG SM-T325, Samsung SM-T330, SAMSUNG SM-T330, Samsung SM-T331, SAMSUNG SM-T331, Samsung SM-T335, SAMSUNG SM-T335, Samsung SM-T350, SAMSUNG SM-T350, Samsung SM-T360, SAMSUNG SM-T360, Samsung SM-T365, SAMSUNG SM-T365, Samsung SM-T380, SAMSUNG SM-T380, Samsung SM-T385, SAMSUNG SM-T385, Samsung SM-T390, SAMSUNG SM-T390, Samsung SM-T510, SAMSUNG SM-T510, Samsung SM-T520, SAMSUNG SM-T520, Samsung SM-T525, SAMSUNG SM-T525, Samsung SM-T530, SAMSUNG SM-T530, Samsung SM-T535, SAMSUNG SM-T535, Samsung SM-T550, SAMSUNG SM-T550, Samsung SM-T555, SAMSUNG SM-T555, Samsung SM-T560, SAMSUNG SM-T560, Samsung SM-T561i, SAMSUNG SM-T561I, Samsung SM-T580, SAMSUNG SM-T580, Samsung SM-T585, SAMSUNG SM-T585, Samsung SM-T590, SAMSUNG SM-T590, Samsung SM-T595, SAMSUNG SM-T595, Samsung SM-T667, SAMSUNG SM-T667, Samsung, SM-T670, SAMSUNG SM-T670, Samsung SM-T700, SAMSUNG SM-T700, Samsung SM-T705, SAMSUNG SM-T705, Samsung SM-T710, SAMSUNG SM-T710, Samsung SM-T715, SAMSUNG SM-T715, Samsung SM-T719, SAMSUNG SM-T719, Samsung SM-T720, SAMSUNG SM-T720, Samsung SM-T725, SAMSUNG SM-T725, Samsung SM-T800, SAMSUNG SM-T800, Samsung SM-T805, SAMSUNG SM-T805, Samsung SM-T810, SAMSUN, SM-T810, Samsung SM-T815, SAMSUNG SM-T815, Samsung SM-T819, SAMSUNG SM-T819, Samsung SM-T820, SAMSUNG SM-T820, Samsung SM-T825, SAMSUNG SM-T825, Samsung SM-T830, SAMSUNG SM-T830, Samsung SM-T835, SAMSUNG SM-T835SAMSUNG SM-W627 GALAXY BOOK 10.6 LTE, Samsung SM-W700 Tab ProS 12.0 WiFi, SAMSUNG SM-W700 TAB PROS 12.0 WIFI, Samsung SM-W708 Galaxy Tab Pro S 12.0 LTE+WiFi, SAMSUNG SM-W708 GALAXY TAB PRO S 12.0 LTE+WIFISAMSUNG SM-C5000 GALAXY C5, Samsung SM-C7000 Galaxy C7, SAMSUNG SM-C7000 GALAXY C7, Samsung SM-C7010 C7 Pro, SAMSUNG SM-C7010 C7 PRO, Samsung SM-C7100 C8, SAMSUNG SM-C7100 C8, Samsung SM-C710F – J7+, SAMSUNG SM-C710F – J7+, Samsung SM-C9000 C9 Pro, SAMSUNG SM-C9000 C9 PRO.



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