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Samsung J6

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Repair Type    Repair Time        Warranty           Price
Screen Replacement <2 hr 3-Month
Battery Replacement <1 hr 3-Month €N/A
Charging Port 1 hr 3-Month €N/A
Home / Power Button <2 hr 3-Month
Water Damage <1 Day
Board Repairs <2/3 day’s
Software <2 hr
Back Cover Glass <2 hr
Camera Lens €N/A
Front / Back Camera €N/A


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Register your device

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The prices shown on this page may change due to the increase/decrease cost of parts, shipping & import fees (for parts that need to be ordered from abroad).

Time estimates may differ as per complications with the repair and or shipment of necessary parts.

Liquid damage repairs can be very temperamental and are carried out on a ‘’best endeavors’’ basis. On occasions, the original fault can reappear after the device has been repaired, and sometimes the faults can even get worse after a period of time.

If your device needs to be opened to be inspected or repaired, kindly be aware that it will NO LONGER be water/dust resistant.

If your device has suffered from a drop or impact, it is possible that components/chips have been dislodged and or weakened their contact. In some cases, when a phone is opened, pressure is relieved and these components/chips may start to give new problems.