Battery Repair

There is nothing more frustrating than a mobile phone battery running out of charge fast! When a battery starts to fail, it runs out of charge early or simply shuts the phone down at a random charge level. In a world where we are relying on our phones for email, messaging, social media and phone calls, we can’t have a mobile phone battery just die on us. This is where Pulptech comes in, we stock a huge range of replacement mobile phone batteries for iPhone and genuine batteries for Samsung, Sony, and Huawei. Our ever-expanding range of high-quality replacement batteries for mobile phones is always increasing to help customers fix their mobile phones with battery issues. 

Our low-cost battery replacements, for all brands of mobile phone, do not compromise on quality, and this is at the top of our priority list as we understand customers want to keep their phones in tip-top condition. 

Will replacing my battery restore the phone’s battery life to as new?

Yes, replacing the battery on your mobile phone should restore your battery life to as new, as long as there are no other faults on the mobile phone.  We would recommend installing a battery health app from the app store or play store to check the current health of the battery, prior to ordering a replacement – this way, you will have a clear idea of whether the current battery is at fault, as there is no point in replacing a mobile phone battery if this isn’t the cause of the issue.

Will replacing the battery void my warranty? 

It depends, if your phone is still under warranty and we open it up it will most probably void the manufacturer’s warranty, however, if there is a need to replace your battery then the mobile phone is probably out of warranty already. 

What if I’m unsure of what mobile phone battery I need? 

No issue, give us a call and one of our experienced members of staff can assist you in choosing the correct mobile phone battery. Please click on the contact us page for full contact details. We are always happy to assist customers by phone or by email. 

All of the parts we use are of high quality, with a 90-Day performance warranty.